Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wolverine, birthday

I finally finished the oil painting I was working on of Wolverine! haha it was nice to get my ass together and just PAINT again for once! getting myself started is always the toughest, especially with oils since it's a very time-consuming process. but I did it, and I finished. I think. well...either way, it'll be auctioned off at Otakon. :D

Studio, rough WIP:
yaaay my studio space is filled with Hugh Jackman hotness for the time being~! haha he's the only celebrity I think is good-looking. no joke, the rest seem so fake! XDD <3

If I was my normal lazy self I'd leave the painting like this:
but there was still something off. he didn't look angry enough, and I was NOT gonna show another cruddy cop-out painting like last year!

Finished version:

I put a lot more work into it than I normally would have, and I think it paid off. I started out hating it, but in the end I guess it turned out all right for someone who sucks at painting. lol XDD;;; still think I could've done more, but as I said, I'm not very skilled with oil painting anymore. I need more practice!

also, it was my 20th birthday yesterday, and my amazing boyfriend sent me this beautiful bouquet of my favorite flower, lilies! <3

so I had to do the obligatory artistic photo:
They're SO pretty, thank you honey~!! I love you so much! :D <3

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Kim said...


There are no words for how incredible that oil painting is. I HAD to show people and they all agree that you're uber-talented. CRAZY.

I'm jealous of whoever gets this. They'd better pay big bucks. ;)