Thursday, October 2, 2008

academia III

I just got out of my Watercolor class. It's turning out to be amazing, and it's all due to my teacher, David Soman. He is a master, and has somehow taught me how to start to use this medium that I am normally HORRIBLE at. He has taught me how to love this medium and really given me a new respect for it. He is completely unbiased and always gives such amazing advice, and is overall just the best teacher I have ever had. I really want to take him again next year for his advanced class.

I haven't posted some of my works from the previous classes yet because it looks like a 10-year-old did them, but now I think I am finally getting the hang of it and am a bit more comfortable showing you guys something.

first gestures of the day
Study 1

little longer pose
Study 2

final pose
Study 3

I'm pretty happy with this last one...when I compare now to the beginning, I just can't believe how much I've learned about value, color, form, design...everything.

Looking back, I'm just so happy that the Gouache class didn't fit into my schedule!! lol