Sunday, January 25, 2009

prev pg 6, etc

more comic goodness. I actually finished pencilling the 6 pages earlier than expected. I'm especially proud of the fact that I did this work that took the class months to do in only two weeks for me. booya. now after I ink these and pencil 3 more pages for next week I'll finally be caught up! :D

I'm pretty nervous about what my new teacher will say about them, since I have no idea what's coming to me. Klaus Janson is a real tough cookie, but I hope he sees all the hard work I put into this. *crosses fingers*

anyway, here's page 5 'cause I kinda like it, despite all the difficulties I had with it. it's pretty much the first intro of the two main characters, and I dunno...I like how that stupid hovercraft I complained about sooo much came out all right. I actually kinda enjoyed drawing it! lol XDD;; <3

lol darn them silly hallucinations! haha oh man I <3 mountains and nature. They're my favorite things to draw by far. :D <3 I doodle a lot on the margins of my paper when I do comics, and I decided to use this one of Julian as inking practice to see how the comic will look when inked. I'm still trying to figure out how to ink dark skin. I wanted Julian to look like he was Arabic...I'll ask Klaus tomorrow, I guess.

because I am very excited about the new awesome Senellier watercolors I bought, I was eager to watercolor whatever I had on me. I printed this out on watercolor paper, and played around a bit with 'em.

The print sucked and it scanned horribly, but in real life the colors are SO vibrant and pretty. they're a bit harder to control, but I'll get used to them with a bit more practice. :D <3

OH and do you guys get my replies?? how do I reply to comments??? I've tried to just comment regularly as my responses but I don't know if you get notified of it or not. GAH stupid blogger. XD;

Monday, January 19, 2009

comic previews

baaah I've been working a lot lately. But I think it will be worth it. Here are some previews that I've been promising.

My desk in the heat of comic making looks like something out of the movie "Twister" lol:

references make the world go 'round! :D

So yeah here's some scans of it so far...the paper's big and my scanner's small and I didn't feel like scanning anymore, so this is all I'm showing. XD;;

some panels I'm quite proud of, but some I need to redo...blaaah.

not everyone's happy about me working all the time...

Jazz is not amused. XD;; <3

Saturday, January 17, 2009

RIP Wyeth, Comic preps

RIP Andrew Wyeth, your watercolors will always be my greatest inspiration.

I am currently working on a 21-page comic for one of the classes I switched into. I pretty much just finished the basic prep work, and am finally ready to pencil. Here are some of what I do to practice getting to know my new characters.

The 25 Essential Expressions:

I now cannot do a long comic without first doing this exercise. I have so many problems with consistency, it is extremely helpful to do.

Clothing designs:

Since I am pressed for time with this assignment, I just did the base figures for Lucy and Julian, and I photocopied them and drew on top of the photocopies. Perfection doesn't really matter as long as I know what the jiist of it all is. lol

First longish Watercolor pose of the year, the only colors used were red and green:

This model kinda looked like a white Obama from behind. rofl XD <3

Friday, January 9, 2009

tattooed beauty lines

I have just recently developed a great appreciation for the beauty of tattoos. They are the ultimate form of expression, and if done right, can be meaningful, elegant, and illustrative.

this is an image I am working on:I am about to watercolor it, but I wanted to ensure I had a copy of the linework in case things went awry. watercolor is a very unforgivable medium like that. ^__^;;

here's the watercolor-in-progress:

I kinda like it just how it is now, but I'm gonna work into the tattoos more...I originally had a random background idea, but I think I kinda just like keeping it white...hmm...

For a few years now, I've been wanting this certain tattoo. I am nearing a time where I am finally planning to actually get it, so I did this mock-up of what it would look like and where, etc.

it is the cover to Anne McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern series, Dragonflight, but mainly it is incredibly meaningful to me. It is in honor of my father who passed away around a year and a half ago, it was our favorite series and is a constant source of inspiration. Every time I saw him, he would ask, "so when are you gonna draw me my golden dragon?" and I never got a chance to before he passed. on the day of his funeral, I drew it for him, and it now rests with him in heaven. I've drawn one for him every year, and for this second year I want to get this. It is such a beautiful painting, and the composition is perfect. I think it is a fitting tribute. <3

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


quick CG doodle of Kauz (Bizo). Painter IX.

I haven't drawn Bizo in forever, let alone as Kauz. I've been drawing the FT charries a lot lately...I've been thinking about ways to improve the story when I eventually restart it. At this point, it seems like it's gonna be a complete renovation. @____@;;;

Monday, January 5, 2009


just some quick sketches I've done to warm up my hand before I work, and to practice expressions. and what'dya know? they're all FT charries, mainly Deneb and Lyra. nowadays I draw the ft crew as practice, since I know them so well. ^__^

quickest of doodles, I was trying some different redesigns for Deneb.

Lyra is mainly very expressionless and subtle, so it was harder to do this with her.

Deneb is so much fun to draw, since he's mainly the comic relief and such. these were just some doodles I mainly did at work on my breaks.