Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kakapo preview

eep, once again I've vanished off the face of the internet, but for good reasons!

a glimpse at the first page of one of my comic projects, Kakapo, will give you an idea why. :p lol

and this is one of the easier comics I have to work on! well not exactly easier, but it is a lot of fun for me since it involves all my favorite things to draw. <3 I decided to change her colors a bit to relate her more to the macaws and make her stand out more against the background. ^__^

these are only the flats, but the shading won't be much since the linework is detailed enough. x__x;; I am having so much fun with this comic, I think it really shows. I don't want to work on the other one anymore, but I have to...I'm so apprehensive about it! there's no pleasing that teacher, and I freak out so much...but oh well, I'll do it. I'll show him I can, damn it!! >___<;;

There were other things I wanted to say...but I forgot. O__o;;