Sunday, February 28, 2010

I...I really like you!

These are scenes DIRECTLY from FT: Rebirth!! I hope you are looking forward to it, kawaiiI~!!

"Oh, my Lily, you are as beautiful as the blazing of the sun!"

"...what? Stupid, are you from a shoujo or something now??"


....obviously, I am completely joking. but I HAVE been reading some shoujo recently for the first time in many years just for the lulz, and it surprised me to be quite the nostalgic feeling~! lol oh man, could you just imagine the intense amount of angst if FT was a shoujo?? HAHA!!

wow. I kinda can't believe I just drew these. okay, I'm gonna go study now. XD;;

Friday, February 26, 2010


Some digi-doodles in between working on Thesis, which YES, I am actually working on for once!!

In an attempt to do more dynamic posing, Lyra turns into some weird type of Akira mix. I had just finished reading the first vol before I drew this...which would explain it lol...XD;;

Oh man, I've been wanting to do so many technical things after spending hours on Matt Laskowski's dev page, it's incredibly inspiring. but alas, I do not have the time to do the things he does...yet! so here's a simple sketch:

Again, very inspired by Matt's work, but really just sketching Lyra. I guess I wanted to draw windy hair?? Also been inspired by the simple yet amazing colors that Tomer Hanuka uses. If I was an illustration major, I would totally take him for portfolio. I want to see if I can beg Tom if I can take both major's portfolio classes...>__>;

anyway, I should get back to work! After tonight I should have only 5 pages left to go! :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deneb doodle, more concepts

oh man, crazy postings abound! I must be procrastinating on something!

Anyway, here have a doodle of Deneb I did to practice some new brushes I found by looking through fox-orian's tutorials again. I rather like them, but I don't think they'll fully replace the ones I normally use:

Here are the 4 rough concept images for the Hansel and Gretel environments.

The bottom two were chosen to refine, which I find funny because both of them had crashed photoshop without me saving and largely had to be redone, especially the blue one. go figure!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

FT: Rebirth Demo Page!

Couldn't concentrate on thesis, so I decided to do a practice page of what FT:Rebirth might look like, done in 3 hours from start to finish:

While similar, this isn't the actual first page, but I'm liking this kind of style for it. Also I did this for next Friday, when my Photoshop and mini-comic tutorial day is for my club, Cartoon Allies. I figured it'd be a nice sample page to show a quick way of coloring a comic, while still having it look nice. ^__^

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

some doodles

Some older doodles from my sketchbook.

Kauz riding Tiffy, just playing with his costume design:

Cygnus and Aurora resting, also how the first chapter begins before they enter the Sintu marshes. Colored 'cause I wanted to practice. Dunno yet if it'll look like this for the comic:

I have a ton of sketches I've been doing, mainly figuring out the new character designs and familiarizing myself with them. I've also finalized Zila's human form, which I'll be posting in the upcoming weeks. ^__^ <3

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hansel and Gretel Concept Progress!

The amount of stages that this assignment is going through is crazy, and I just wanted to share some of it with you~!

Thumbs. Silhouette is most important:
A Pair of Rejected Sketches, but I personally like parts of Hansel better than final:
The Chosen Sketches:
More Rejected Hansel Progress:
Refining Sketches, where many mistakes were pointed out:
Gretel's Dagger:
Final Concepts:
Deviation is here!

Doing Concept Art is very challenging, but I am enjoying it. It's very different, and giving me many ideas on how to design the world in FT: Rebirth. :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Livestream OFFLINE, Concept art!

Because I really need to get work done, LIVESTREAMING:

see me do concept art woooo~~

Anyway, this is what I did. I'm not very good at doing this...I've tried many times in the past, but it's always very challenging for me to do.

I didn't want it to turn out like 'Hansel and Gretle...IN SPAAACE!' but yeah those are the shapes that happened so I went with them. I have to do 3 more, so we'll see what happens. :p

Thanks to Griffiths and Jen for coming by~! :D

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Livestream OFFLINE, thanks!

Today I have to finish the two character concept arts I've been working on and I got a lot to do, so tune in to watch me get insanely frustrated with them, yay! :D


OFFLINE, I managed to finish gretle for the most part, now on to hansel!