Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amazing new source of inspiration!

Started another pic...was just a random no-ref doodle (the painted part) and then...I went a bit far and decided to work it as the last image of the triptych I'm working on.

Referenced mainly from this woodblock by Eishi Choki, The Courtesan Takigawa of Ohgi-ya.

OMG did I mention how much I love my boyfriend? He got me the PERFECT textbook-sized collection of Japanese woodblocks for Christmas, many of which I've never seen and it's exciting as all hell! For example, I couldn't find an image of this anywhere on the web...hence the silly photobooth snapshot lol. oh man I'm such a nerd but seriously, it's AMAZING. much love!! I stare at this book for forever...it would be sad if it wasn't in benefit of my career lolz. (probably still is though.) XD;;

Speaking of awesome-tastic-gasmic Christmas presents, here's a snapshot of my current desktop from my new baby, Behemoth. :D

LOL YAY I missed working on a million things at once...ya know, that isn't all entirely school-related, but FT-related. YAY! :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and stuff!

Just...umm...I forgot what I was gonna post? OH Merry Christmas!! :D yaaay eat stuff and get lots of nice family time. ^___^

umm...well here's a WIP of something I'm working on:

Okay so this is part one of a triptych that I plan on doing this break in addition to nearly finishing my thesis...fun times! XDD but yeah, it is, I enjoy having time to do artwork for myself now. YAY! :D

Also, can someone PLEASE tell me how to get Blogger to open the image larger in a new tab like it used to?!? I have NO idea what the problem is, it seems to work fine for everyone else! AUGH. PLEASE HELP this is an annoyance...XD

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome Home, Behemoth. <3

First off, I did this painting. It's probably finished...could do more, but I think I've done enough. It's my last piece with Donato Giancola...I'm REALLY going to miss this class and I know there's SO much more I could learn from him. so much so that I'm thinking of retaking it or sitting in next year. lol

I would like to welcome into the world of my desk, my wonderful Behemoth.

Behemoth is the new 27'' iMac, and I have no idea how I convinced my family to get him for me for Christmas. (granted, I'm chipping in nearly half but it's worth it!) I am constantly overwhelmed by his sheer power. As the comparison picture shows, my PowerBookG4 doesn't stand a chance in comparison. This will take some time getting used to, it's such a huge difference for me! lol XD

Edit: umm...I don't know what's up with blogger but it's not letting me click on the pictures to open larger in a new tab? Their help wasn't very clear about it...what's going on?!? ugh.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

water nymph or somethinglikethat.

Just a procrastination sketch. blah I should be painting...or writing my essay! >__>;;

Sometimes I miss drawing and CGing like this. sometimes. I wonder what my art would be like if I continued in the more anime direction? ah, it would be so generic...blah! :p lol but it's still fun to sketch like this. I wonder what style FT: Rebirth will be in? ^__^;; I really want to start it up, but school is intense...ah well, it'll happen sometime soon I hope!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thesis previews of a sort.

So...some comics for once, perhaps? That IS what I do, after all. lolz. XD;;

First assignment of the class, we had to do 2 1-page comics on a myth, literal and modern. I did the myth of Dionysus, with imagery based upon a Grecian bowl replica someone lent me for inspiration:

The modern one. This was obviously done in a rush, as I had just come home from a lousy night of work and had to do this stupid comic. Honestly I forget what I was thinking, but it helped me feel better? XD
Finally, onto the actual thesis. This is the lineart of Page 9:
Colored version, dunno if I'm happy with it but eh it's done:
First page of my thesis. I am quite happy with this one...I hope I don't screw it up in the colors. Should be interesting.
I have more I could show, but I guess that's good enough for now.

So I am doing the abduction of Persephone, but literally translating it into a modern satire, intending to show just how morally wrong these myths are when you think about them. The designs are from Asian art; the Chokkoman and Dotaku patterns. Later I am also incorporating the Japanese folktale clouds in later scenes in gold paint overlay, which literally mean 'this is not real, it is a story,' which is meant to contrast the 'realistic' style of the comic.

okay back to work! I'm supposed to have 5 pages done by tomorrow and I don't even have 2, ahhh~! XD