Sunday, March 28, 2010

Revolution, 3 Years.

A sketch I've been working on-and-off throughout Thesis, and now that I am FINISHED with my Thesis, I can go back to it. :D Still not done at all, but I'm glad to take it to more than sketch-level. :p

I don't usually use the blue-line thing but I wanted to ink traditionally and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately my ink bled a lot on the printed blue, and the lines when taken out are not what I'd like them to be. but that's all right, ya live and learn. :p

This is also probably the biggest preview of the direction FT:Rebirth is going in. :) marks a very emotional day in my life. Three years ago on March 29, 2007 my father passed away. It is still very unreal for me and hard to realize that it is the truth, but it is. While all I ever wanted was for him to be proud of me and while I wish he could have gotten to see where I am now, I am happy for the good memories I do have of him. I guess what I want to say is never take those around you for granted because life is too wonderful to take for granted. Life is so beautiful, and I truly wish more people could see that. If my father could have seen that maybe he would still be with us. It just makes me remember why I do what I do, and I hope others can learn to see things in this way. Life is just too wonderful to go to waste, so enjoy it!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

bye-bye, Spring Break.'s the end of my spring break, and I feel like I haven't accomplished much at all. I am steadily on my way to being closer to finished with my Thesis, but I have no new pages since the last 5 I am working on at about the same rate. It's frustrating not to be able to gauge how much I have left to do.

anyway, here have a quickie of a 'model-ish' Lyra I did as my warm-up today:
I've realized she really is my 'pepper project' if you're familiar with that. haha! :p

Here's this piece o' crap that I can't seem to save if my life depends on it:

I hate it so much, and this is much better than it used to be. It's just...everything about it is bad and done without skill, it's like it's beyond the point of no return and I don't care I'll just take whatever grade Donato'll give me 'cause I've wasted way too many hours on it already and have a 7-page report to do.

On a lighter note, here's its companion piece which is probably the best thing I've ever done! (Though technically it still needs some tweaking before it's officially done)

Not every thing you do will be a gem, but you just have to deal with it and move on! :p

Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Twins and a Traveller

oh man, so many posts lately. I must be on a school break!

After Thesis there's a short project I'll be working on and it involves a younger Lyra and Deneb. This is me warming up today, trying to figure out how old I want them to be. Still don't know if this is too young or not, but aren't they the cutest little twins?

I didn't like how a picture I was working on a while back was coming out, so I wanted to see how I could save it. here are some thumbs I apparently did during my Irish Lit class where I was counting how many times my teacher said 'um' which ended up to be around 210 times, hence the doodling LOL:

And this is the changed image, do you recognize it? lol:

I still have a long ways to go, I don't know if I'm happy with the composition yet. but I do know that painting rock is extremely difficult...aahh! XD;;

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sketch Concepts, more developments

I'm on Spring Break right now! Not that it's much of a break since I have to try and finish my Thesis...but yeah. I wanna do stuff. Too much stuff than I have time for! >__<;;

Not some of my best sketches this post, but these were done a while ago to help me figure out designs and such. The only reason why I hesitated so long was 'cause I was deciding whether or not to keep some of the more spoiler-ish sketches in, but I just removed the text on them so it should be fine.

Zila and Lyra:

Cygnus and Lyra, a looot of spoiler text had to be removed lol:

Bizo/Kauz, again some spoiler-ish stuff was removed:

Deneb is getting a stockier build, I want to vary the body types more which means I have to do a lot more practice:

Drawn as a warm-up this morning, figuring out that I just wanted to draw Hiu's dreds loose since it's crazy fun to draw, and kinda finally deciding on a hair type for Bizo maybe:

I wanted to figure out a way to make Bizo look more At'rik and decided his design may benefit from having some shocks of silver patches in his hair along with making his skin hue more lavender-colored than it already was, probably more so than here I dunno:

Oh snap manly Hiu is manly?? lol kinda?? XD;; I need to study how I can draw his facial features better. :p

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emperor Ka'chkka

I haven't drawn him in a while, but as I was plotting the outline and realizing the larger role the At'rik would play in Rebirth I redid his design along with many others, but I figure I'll show you his for now. I still don't know if I'm entirely happy with how human the At'rik look, or if I should give Bizo an even bigger makeover to match them more, but hopefully Ka'chkka looks alien enough.

haha drew these on the train on my commute home. making him this much of a 'pretty boy' is still hesitating for me, but it may work better for the overall story so I guess it's fine? gotta have a little fun with the characters lol

Also, you get a little snippet of a small part from the story of Rebirth, which really hasn't changed much from the original FT in regards to this aspect of him. Although, this time he's a bit more of a playboy, haha!

Also, these are in pretty much full color. The At'rik have purplish skin, silver hair, black eyes, and are born with dark markings covering their body. The black eyes are new...I think it suits them better as being a more untrustworthy people.

Uhh...I just wanted to draw a full body to figure out his markings, but it turned into something risque, haha! I really didn't intend on it, but it seems the more I draw him, the more he is demanding to have this attitude about him...again, this works better than the original's sweet little meek Emperor to someone who will abuse his power and allies when necessary. :p