Monday, July 20, 2009

Commissions from Otakon

Doing these were so much fun, and it was so incredibly rewarding to see the person's smiling face when they saw what I had done. It reminded me why I do what I do, and that's just priceless. The artists around me were wondering how I could constantly keep going even at the end of Saturday, but my hands weren't even a tad tired from them because I enjoyed it so much. It was mainly my stamina that was drained! lol but enough talk, here they are!

These were all edited from photos I had taken of them, but I tried my best to edit them nicely and stay true to how they originally looked.

A D&D character of someone who was staying in our hotel room:
Another commission from someone who was staying in our hotel room who was also a nurse who got a first aid kit for me for my poor feet which was super nice of him to do. It's of an upcoming convention he's putting together, of a mascot he wanted for it:
Gambit, from the movie but without his silly hat:
Original character, a magician's apprentice sketch for $5:
AxelXRoxas, because at every con at least one person commishes me to draw yaoi. It was a gift for his friend, at $30 due to its complexity:
The actors from Chuck. this one was difficult for me, since it was the last one I did on friday and was exhausted by that point. this is the second one I did, started on Sat morning, since I wasn't satisfied with the initial sketch from Friday. I'm glad I did it over:
Chu from YuYuHakusho, he apparently gets stronger the drunker he is. I had SO much fun with this one, I just love the YYH characters, they're so wacky:
Original characters, don't have much to say lol:
Original characters. why does everyone want me to draw people with guns in suits? these are color commisshes, why not take advantage of that...oh well! lol:
A gift for Dina Situ for being so awesome, I did this when I had a little bit of a lull in between commishes. It felt good to draw her characters again, I haven't for so long. lol

Near from Death Note, as fanservice. I had moral issues with drawing him normally since he's around 10 yrs, so I made him older. I had fun doing this, since I've wanted to draw Near for FOREVER because I love drawing fluffy hair. I love the DN charries:
James from Pokémon fanservice. I just lol'ed at this all the while drawing it, it definitely wins the award this year for strangest commission rofl:
3 Original charries for $30, this was one of my favorites. Mainly 'cause I really got to know the commissioner, she was so nice. Apparently she got laughed at by other artists when describing them, and I think that's really wrong to do to someone's creations that they care so much for. They reminded me a lot of my FT charries, and it was so much fun to draw, I had a lot of freedom with it too. I'm happy it was the last one I did and I finished it just on time:

And also, remember that story about the girl who I drew Blades of Glory yaoi for last year and did a comic about it? Well, she actually came by my table and I got to show her the comic. I'm REALLY glad she wasn't offended, she kept on bringing all her friends by to show it to them. LOL that made me happy. XDD <3

All in all it was a really fun experience, but now I'm entirely out of ALL my skintone copics! At least I have the money I made from this to buy refills! lol ^___^ <3

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Good job! Wow that's a lot of stuff, way to keep productive and professional !