Monday, July 27, 2009

APW Gallery Show

'ello, so an interesting thing has happened. I will be exhibiting my work at the APW Gallery in Long Island City as part of their "Small Works, Big Ideas" exhibit featuring artists from all over the world. I'm very excited about this, it will be my first gallery showing. I have to create paintings for it though, since I don't know if any of my works really fit the theme. I'm going to be painting 6 small 10X10 oil paintings by the end of August, hopefully surrounding a theme about conservation, since I feel very strongly about nature. I don't even drive, I ride my bike everywhere. I hate cars. So yeah, I'll be posting WIPs and such here for that. I'm very excited! ^___^

Random self-portrait doodle. 'cause I like wearing this outfit is all. XDD;;

I have man-legs!! rofl I used to never wear skirts/dresses 'cause I hated my legs so much, but nowadays I could care less. yay :p

The Eifuzu! He's so f*cking happy!!! :D

I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying these commissions. They're SO weird!! The next one's like a sludge-monster thing...yay~! lol ^___^

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Jimbo said...

Interesting, I got an email from them too. I didn't go for it, as I'm not much into fine art outside of school. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!