Friday, July 24, 2009

New Intuos Tablet!

So with some of the money I made from Otakon I bought myself a sexy Intuos 4 Medium tablet! my old one was getting stupidly unresponsive and so old they don't make the brand anymore, which is one of the reasons I haven't done digital art in so long. This thing is FANTASTIC like omg. I love it so much words can't describe. When I use it, it really feels like I'm drawing. it's really changed how I see digital art! ^____^

First in a series of Commissions from this one guy, there will be 140 creatures in all:

I usually don't take long-term commissions, but this sounded interesting. also good practice for me, a nice thing to do in between stuff.

A work in progress of a picture I'm doing currently as a gift for one of my old dA friends:

I'm really liking how this is coming out. I'm trying more atmospheric stuff and pushing my limits of what I would normally do. It's a ton of fun, and because of my amazing tablet it felt SO natural doing the lineart and sketch digitally, whereas before I couldn't. I can't wait to make more images with this amazing thing. ^____^ <3

oh crap, I gotta go to work...see ya! >___>;;

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