Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Livestream OFFLINE


ask me questions, see how I work!

Livestream Offline, watch the clip:


Watch live streaming video from allisonstrejlau at


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Livestream canceled + Oekaki

Live streaming event had to be canceled due to my job calling me in to work at a completely different time than I thought. Sorry guys, there's nothing I can do about it. How about having one Wednesday at 12 noon? :D

By the way, have you checked out this awesome artbook? All profits go to the wonderful cause of your choice!!


Please consider purchasing it!

oh and here have some silly oekaki doodles I did in the past few weeks:

My Oekaki board is Skylands oekaki, a wonderful board with many members being old friends of mine from the days that I had never even known how to do digital art. Join in on the fun! :D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Livestream tomorrow @ 8!

Dear Internet,

I figured out how to Livestream! So tomorrow you can watch me work on a pic of mine and ask me questions and stuff. Until then, this is a doodle I did and you can watch the process of making it here ! :D

Let's see if this embedded video player works:

Watch live streaming video from allisonstrejlau at

lol yay! so yeah join me tomorrow and we'll have fun. :p

Monday, January 18, 2010

Zila's new design

Unlike most artists, I think it's humbling to show just how much I suck at some things. Drawing animals, especially from my head, is one of those things among many.

I had realized I needed to drastically change Zila's design to be more unique and interesting to give FT a more unworldly feel to it, especially if she was going to be a more prominent figure in the story. SO I started sketching and, well, I can't believe I'm showing you these first ones 'cause they suck SOOO badly, but I think it's always interesting to see that no one is ever always good!

But anyway, it shows how I came to try and make her more 'real' and kept in mind that she is an animal of the snow. I just so happen to be watching Planet Earth during the snow leopard episode, and got inspired from that.

So here she is now, and I think I'm pretty happy with the result. I was most concerned with her movement to show power and elegance, while still being able to show her kind personality.

Deviation is here.
By the way, my number 1 resource for animal poses lies in this book:

Unfortunately, this book is now discontinued and incredibly rare. I saw it used for over 100 bucks on Amazon!! It is by far the most valuable book I own, and if you ever come across it for it's original or at least not-over-100 pricetag, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY! I rely on it for everything, and it's just like this series to discontinue their books that are the most helpful, go figure! lol

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ink Tests and More~

Usually when I'm working I have a blank paper next to me that gets filled up with doodles and ink tests or thumbnails to prepare myself for drawing a page. These are mainly done in straight ink, so like...forgive the bad anatomy? lol ^__^;;

This is the latest one I filled up, which shows some process of developing Zila and the new look of Cygnus and Bizo. I've always grappled with giving Zi wings, but...I mean, I think it's better to make her more feline-ish in how she moves, as if she is running among the clouds! :D

Most all were done with my brush pen as doodles, but the larger cleaner Cygnus is when his design was pretty clear and I was testing how I may ink with my brush for the actual comic. Making his hair darker was a fluke from the bottom doodle that I liked enough to decide to make it permanent. yay for happy mistakes! :D lol

Cruddy doodle of Lyra XD;; not final design, the colors n hair aren't doin' it for me yet.

Some doodles of Zi's new human form, Deneb, and Lyra's second battle outfit hidden under all that kimono. lolz Deneb has sideburns now. and now his freckles show more. It makes me happy. :D

Aahaha oh man I was looking at Becky Cloonan's art after I drew Deneb, and I couldn't believe how much influence I had gotten from her work. Can't wait to take her class my senior year! :D thesis? I'm working on it, I swear!! >___>;;

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FT: Rebirth : Big Previews!

AHAHAHA I got hit with the FT bug, and now I can't stop. I'm just so excited! Luckily it is a type of productive procrastination, and now I'm pretty sure of how the storyline has changed and how it's gonna work, start, etc. Unlucklily, I still have no new pages of my thesis finished...umm...but I have been working on it...O__o;; uhh...


Cygnus with Aurora, and Bizo (Kauz) with Tiffy. No more Ember, unfortunately. (trivia: she was created to die anyway!) ^__^;; Size of partners relates to a show of power more. Aurora is still not in her full size most of the time, as Cyg is laying low.

Cygnus and Aurora, with Lyra and Zila. Zila will be in her animal form much more, and in her human form acts as Lyra's attendant more than before.

Cygnus and Bizo, who actually start off the story. (Bizo will be disguised as Kauz with his black wig.) Cyg's design is a lot more 'rough' in appearance, 'arabian-ish,' darker, and Bizo has wavy hair with his purple-hued skin being more noticeable than before, as he is mostly At'rik. For some reason they have snarky expressions here...umm I dunno why, I was just doodling. >__>;

This version has A LOT more action in it, and I think it has benefited greatly. There is a lot more going on, while being simpler...if that makes sense. XD;; It's also a more 'simplistic' style, as more attention will be paid on backgrounds, atmosphere, culture...and oh yeah, it's gonna be in COLOR. :D

Anyway that's it for now, I need to get back to work on Thesis pages....>___>;;

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy 2010 everyone! This is the first image I finished this first day of the year of the tiger. :D

"Lyra's Glare" finished:

Without panel, to show kimono details...

I must say, it was an incredible joy to do something like this for myself...felt like the old times when I had the time to do it!! lol :p