Monday, July 20, 2009

Otakon Pics

I didn't take many pictures 'cause I was busy drawing, but here are the 3 that were taken.

My booth!
It came out just how I pictured it, I'm so happy with it! :D

Casey as Spidey:
a marine stationed in baltimore, he was one of the people who was staying in the hotel with us. he reminded me a lot of my buddy, Triano. except less...Triano. lol everyone who was staying in our room was very nice, though. I was pleasantly surprised. ^__^

a Hisagi Shuuhei cosplayer:
The only random cosplay picture I took, because he actually looked and fitted the part well! I was impressed. He also bought a print of Kenpachi. rofl I found that really funny, I dunno why. XDD

I wish I took a picture of the Wolverine cosplayer who bought the original wolverine painting...I always forget to take pictures!! argh. >__<;;

I have all the pictures of the commissions I took edited, now I just have to convert them to jpegs and upload them. I'll do that in a separate entry though. ^___^ <3

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