Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just doodled up a digital painting of Lyra 'cause I couldn't sleep, and when I was done I searched for an old painting I did of her, and I was pretty surprised.

It's not as if the old one is bad or the new one is good, but it shows a significant change in how I do things and how my art has progressed. Interesting.

The Old, done in Sept 2006, took many painstaking hours and many refs I remember lol:
The New, took maybe 2 hrs at most with no reference at all:
again, I actually dislike both of these a lot. but the change is there...OH crud I forgot that Ly's hair changed color in the new one...oops. I also want to fix her nose and pinky when i get the chance...haha that's what I get for painting at 5am. XD;;; UGH I swear I have insomnia. O___o;;

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