Thursday, January 6, 2011

Edits for the Better

I've been very busy and many exciting things are happening, most of which I can not tell you about I think...BLAH I want to scream it out loud, but I may get in trouble. :( Can I at least say I'm working on some things with Archie Comics now? 'cause that's pretty cool. nothing big, but still nice to be able to say! lol

SO I wanted to show these for a while, just some examples of the many panel edits in FT:Rebirth!

From the very beginning on Page 4, I re-did an entire panel. I was on a real time constraint with the first scene, but I knew it had to be done. I'm happy I did:

A Preview of the next page I just finished, I ended up re-drawing Lyra's face on many of the panels in this scene. I am still getting used to drawing her, but I did rush the inks a bit on this scene:

Another re-drawn Lyra, and some tweaking on Deneb. I wish I hadn't rushed so much when inking these, (tight deadlines blaahh) but it would have saved me some time on edits! lol:

I wanted to add more images, but for whatever reason Blogger is bugging out on me and not letting me add any more...come on. SO this is all for now I guess.

Read FT:Rebirth here, with an update every Tuesday!! :)