Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just doodled up a digital painting of Lyra 'cause I couldn't sleep, and when I was done I searched for an old painting I did of her, and I was pretty surprised.

It's not as if the old one is bad or the new one is good, but it shows a significant change in how I do things and how my art has progressed. Interesting.

The Old, done in Sept 2006, took many painstaking hours and many refs I remember lol:
The New, took maybe 2 hrs at most with no reference at all:
again, I actually dislike both of these a lot. but the change is there...OH crud I forgot that Ly's hair changed color in the new one...oops. I also want to fix her nose and pinky when i get the chance...haha that's what I get for painting at 5am. XD;;; UGH I swear I have insomnia. O___o;;

Monday, July 27, 2009

APW Gallery Show

'ello, so an interesting thing has happened. I will be exhibiting my work at the APW Gallery in Long Island City as part of their "Small Works, Big Ideas" exhibit featuring artists from all over the world. I'm very excited about this, it will be my first gallery showing. I have to create paintings for it though, since I don't know if any of my works really fit the theme. I'm going to be painting 6 small 10X10 oil paintings by the end of August, hopefully surrounding a theme about conservation, since I feel very strongly about nature. I don't even drive, I ride my bike everywhere. I hate cars. So yeah, I'll be posting WIPs and such here for that. I'm very excited! ^___^

Random self-portrait doodle. 'cause I like wearing this outfit is all. XDD;;

I have man-legs!! rofl I used to never wear skirts/dresses 'cause I hated my legs so much, but nowadays I could care less. yay :p

The Eifuzu! He's so f*cking happy!!! :D

I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying these commissions. They're SO weird!! The next one's like a sludge-monster thing...yay~! lol ^___^

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Intuos Tablet!

So with some of the money I made from Otakon I bought myself a sexy Intuos 4 Medium tablet! my old one was getting stupidly unresponsive and so old they don't make the brand anymore, which is one of the reasons I haven't done digital art in so long. This thing is FANTASTIC like omg. I love it so much words can't describe. When I use it, it really feels like I'm drawing. it's really changed how I see digital art! ^____^

First in a series of Commissions from this one guy, there will be 140 creatures in all:

I usually don't take long-term commissions, but this sounded interesting. also good practice for me, a nice thing to do in between stuff.

A work in progress of a picture I'm doing currently as a gift for one of my old dA friends:

I'm really liking how this is coming out. I'm trying more atmospheric stuff and pushing my limits of what I would normally do. It's a ton of fun, and because of my amazing tablet it felt SO natural doing the lineart and sketch digitally, whereas before I couldn't. I can't wait to make more images with this amazing thing. ^____^ <3

oh crap, I gotta go to work...see ya! >___>;;

Monday, July 20, 2009

Commissions from Otakon

Doing these were so much fun, and it was so incredibly rewarding to see the person's smiling face when they saw what I had done. It reminded me why I do what I do, and that's just priceless. The artists around me were wondering how I could constantly keep going even at the end of Saturday, but my hands weren't even a tad tired from them because I enjoyed it so much. It was mainly my stamina that was drained! lol but enough talk, here they are!

These were all edited from photos I had taken of them, but I tried my best to edit them nicely and stay true to how they originally looked.

A D&D character of someone who was staying in our hotel room:
Another commission from someone who was staying in our hotel room who was also a nurse who got a first aid kit for me for my poor feet which was super nice of him to do. It's of an upcoming convention he's putting together, of a mascot he wanted for it:
Gambit, from the movie but without his silly hat:
Original character, a magician's apprentice sketch for $5:
AxelXRoxas, because at every con at least one person commishes me to draw yaoi. It was a gift for his friend, at $30 due to its complexity:
The actors from Chuck. this one was difficult for me, since it was the last one I did on friday and was exhausted by that point. this is the second one I did, started on Sat morning, since I wasn't satisfied with the initial sketch from Friday. I'm glad I did it over:
Chu from YuYuHakusho, he apparently gets stronger the drunker he is. I had SO much fun with this one, I just love the YYH characters, they're so wacky:
Original characters, don't have much to say lol:
Original characters. why does everyone want me to draw people with guns in suits? these are color commisshes, why not take advantage of that...oh well! lol:
A gift for Dina Situ for being so awesome, I did this when I had a little bit of a lull in between commishes. It felt good to draw her characters again, I haven't for so long. lol

Near from Death Note, as fanservice. I had moral issues with drawing him normally since he's around 10 yrs, so I made him older. I had fun doing this, since I've wanted to draw Near for FOREVER because I love drawing fluffy hair. I love the DN charries:
James from Pokémon fanservice. I just lol'ed at this all the while drawing it, it definitely wins the award this year for strangest commission rofl:
3 Original charries for $30, this was one of my favorites. Mainly 'cause I really got to know the commissioner, she was so nice. Apparently she got laughed at by other artists when describing them, and I think that's really wrong to do to someone's creations that they care so much for. They reminded me a lot of my FT charries, and it was so much fun to draw, I had a lot of freedom with it too. I'm happy it was the last one I did and I finished it just on time:

And also, remember that story about the girl who I drew Blades of Glory yaoi for last year and did a comic about it? Well, she actually came by my table and I got to show her the comic. I'm REALLY glad she wasn't offended, she kept on bringing all her friends by to show it to them. LOL that made me happy. XDD <3

All in all it was a really fun experience, but now I'm entirely out of ALL my skintone copics! At least I have the money I made from this to buy refills! lol ^___^ <3

Otakon Pics

I didn't take many pictures 'cause I was busy drawing, but here are the 3 that were taken.

My booth!
It came out just how I pictured it, I'm so happy with it! :D

Casey as Spidey:
a marine stationed in baltimore, he was one of the people who was staying in the hotel with us. he reminded me a lot of my buddy, Triano. except less...Triano. lol everyone who was staying in our room was very nice, though. I was pleasantly surprised. ^__^

a Hisagi Shuuhei cosplayer:
The only random cosplay picture I took, because he actually looked and fitted the part well! I was impressed. He also bought a print of Kenpachi. rofl I found that really funny, I dunno why. XDD

I wish I took a picture of the Wolverine cosplayer who bought the original wolverine painting...I always forget to take pictures!! argh. >__<;;

I have all the pictures of the commissions I took edited, now I just have to convert them to jpegs and upload them. I'll do that in a separate entry though. ^___^ <3

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Table L05

Hey, leaving tomorrow and not bringing laptop 'cause I don't trust people so I'll post this here now. :D

I am at table L05, near the back, so please come by~! I'll be giving away free japanese candy! :D

I will have 5 framed originals up at the art auction, so keep your eyes on that too! :D

see ya later, hope I'm still alive on sunday! O___o;;

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wolverine, birthday

I finally finished the oil painting I was working on of Wolverine! haha it was nice to get my ass together and just PAINT again for once! getting myself started is always the toughest, especially with oils since it's a very time-consuming process. but I did it, and I finished. I think. well...either way, it'll be auctioned off at Otakon. :D

Studio, rough WIP:
yaaay my studio space is filled with Hugh Jackman hotness for the time being~! haha he's the only celebrity I think is good-looking. no joke, the rest seem so fake! XDD <3

If I was my normal lazy self I'd leave the painting like this:
but there was still something off. he didn't look angry enough, and I was NOT gonna show another cruddy cop-out painting like last year!

Finished version:

I put a lot more work into it than I normally would have, and I think it paid off. I started out hating it, but in the end I guess it turned out all right for someone who sucks at painting. lol XDD;;; still think I could've done more, but as I said, I'm not very skilled with oil painting anymore. I need more practice!

also, it was my 20th birthday yesterday, and my amazing boyfriend sent me this beautiful bouquet of my favorite flower, lilies! <3

so I had to do the obligatory artistic photo:
They're SO pretty, thank you honey~!! I love you so much! :D <3

Saturday, July 4, 2009


finished the Samurai Champloo fanart! :D Here are its stages:


Lineart: (pencils)
Color: (Watercolor, and some color pencils and copic multiliner)DeviantArt Link Here!

I guess it turned out all right. I enjoyed doing this! :D haaaa I wanna watch Champloo again sooo bad, but alas, must continue with the Otakon preperations... :p


lalala...just rough sketches this time 'round. I can't really sketch cleanly...this is just to show just HOW messy I get. XD;; lol

I have a hard time sleeping lately, so I've been doodling more to try and help get to sleep. this was done at around 3 or 4 am. >__<;;

Rough ideas for Demeter, a character that's part of my idea for the Thesis project this year. She will also be the only human main character, so it makes her design all the more important. I always have such a hard time coming up with characters nowadays! The most 'finished' looking one on the bottom is what I ended up with, but it'll probably go through many more changes still.

YAY Samurai Champloo! <3 I LOVE this anime, it's probably my favorite. I haven't drawn a fanart of it yet though, because I was always scared too. Motion is so important! XD;; It was tough. I'm probably gonna finish traditional watercolors/copics with this one so that I can auction it off at Otakon. :p

UGH can Otakon...like...not exist plz? >___<;; I'm so behind it's stupid. I just don't want to go...next year I don't think I will. It's not worth this aggravation!! >__<