Monday, June 29, 2009


some WIPS and the final of my Russia piece for the Otakon Auction.

Copic colors:
I screwed up big time on the watercolor part since I was working with cardstock, which is horrible with watercolors. I just wanted to make a minor correction to the face, when all hell broke loose and now there's like...this fold on his cheek because it got too wet and got dark and I tried to correct it with my white ink yet still keep it looking fine and blended...and well, if you don't look at it from an angle it looks fine I guess. :(

Normally it would be no problem 'cause I can always fix it like I did here, but this is supposed to go up in the Auction, and now it probably won't go for as much as it would have. bummer.

dA Linkage to the pic.

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