Monday, June 29, 2009

wips and revelations

starting to get out of my "I hate drawing" mood a bit, which is good 'cause it's starting to be crunchtime for Otakon! >___<;; ugh I really don't want to go, but it's a necessary evil. anyway, here's a WIP of an image of Russia I'm doing traditionally so I can put it up in the Art Auction. :p

Doing it in my more 'Anime' style, because...well, these are Hetalia fans we're talking about. 'nuff said.

although I myself like Hetalia, I'd much rather see it like this. obviously other's would rather not, since this image has been pretty much ignored. I expected it, but hopefully it'll do better as a print at Otakon, instead of with the idiots of dA.

I sound very bitter...that sucks. but it's so true, I've just felt bad about art in general lately so it's no surprise. :(

A doodle while waiting for the train because MTA is notoriously horribly late ALL THE TIME. It's of a future Ember.

A revelation occured when I was drawing this. I realized that the decline of my love for art started when I stopped working on FT. it makes perfect sense, it was my greatest muse. so from now on I'll try to do more FT art, and work on it more. maybe I'll even do a side comic or two, and think about starting up an actual site. hopefully that will make me feel better.

listening to MJ's music and watching Pitchmen all the while doing this stuff doesn't help much...loved those guys. <3 :(

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Kim said...

Oh, I love the Ember sketch. Your FT stuff is always good. I think it's a good decision to pick it up again. Why not, right?

RUSSIA! I never thought about Russian or anything Russian until I got this role. Now it's all around me! I can't escape it. ;) I was reading "The Magical Chorus: A History of Russian Culture from Tolstoy to Solzhenitsyn" right before I logged on here and read your blog. ahha


Oh, and Good Luck at Otakon!