Sunday, April 4, 2010

Exciting, Color Studies HELP!

Happy Easter, everyone! Spend time with your family and love them, and celebrate Zombie Jesus together~! :D

EXCITING I have officially started the first 6 pages of FT:Rebirth! (Disguised as a prequel for my latest and last class assignment lol) :D And the lovely Ellie is once again being a huge help in helping me with all my current web-related woes. This is so exciting, I can't wait!

Previews will come later, but for now I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS CAUSE I SUCK SO BAD.
I bought this amazing book on Color Combinations and it's helping me soooo much, but now I can't decide which one to use! Here's the Amazon linkage where it's much cheaper than where I bought it damn it:
What color scheme do you like the most??? I DUNNO.

This is the suckage I did by myself before buying my new color bible:
And this is where the magic starts to happen:

Normal people I've asked say they like 5 best because the colors seem more normal, but I've fallen for 4, where the colors are more like a poster but I think I just like that gold color a lot, and 1 is growing on me more I look at it. What do you guys think??? I may end up just doing 2 XD;;

Ellie told me about these amazing color community sites, Kuler and CLOURlovers but I still have a love for my resource books. I like books. :) They are very good sites though, especially Kuler. 8D
I also caved in to admitting I have to get to know my weak points better, and just bought this book:
It seems like the reviews say it's good but I'll see for myself when it comes. hopefully it will help me out a lot 'cause Typography is probably my greatest weakness, along with everything Graphic Design related. lol XD; but at least I'm trying to improve!! ^__^;;

HAHA NEVERMIND GUYS, I totally just finished it:

Tried to incorporate both that I liked into this one. Hopefully it's a good image. It will be on sale at MoCCA, at the SVA table. Stop by! :D

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Kim said...

Ah! BEAUTIFUL! How much are you selling them for? I totally want one for my wall. :)