Sunday, April 25, 2010

Xan, Cityscape, Preview

Lots of stuff I guess, but really I just need a break from lining this cityscape...and I don't feel like starting my reports at all,!

A little warm-up doodle: a fanart for my friend Kasey's webcomic, Winters in Lavelle! If you haven't yet, you should read it! Though I think I made Xan way too shoujo...but that's what happens when you drink as much coffee as I do. XD;;

Speaking of webcomics, this is like, the most uncrowded panel in page 2:

Lookin' forward to coloring that. yep.

So here's the sketch for my much-complained-about Cityscape:

I hated the way it was coming out while coloring it without doing lineart, and when I tried to ink it traditionally it wasn't coming out how I wanted it to either. Unfortunately the only way was to digitally ink it, though this takes me forever to do. However it is a bit easier with PSCS4's canvas rotation tool. :)

Some close-ups that will look better when I add...more stuff...@__@;;

hey look Donato, they're not all perfect little teenagers now. HAPPY!?!??!? T___T;; Though I admit it is fun to draw 'squishy' people. lol :p

If I get chided again for not doing this more 'realistically' and all 'painterly' I may go on a shooting rampage. I'm sorry that I don't want to be that kind of artist anymore. really. T_T

Anyway, I should get back to I come! :(


Webbz said...

MAKE IT HOW IT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!! If anyone gives you shit, I'll 'take care' of them. I make mobsters cry you know. I love your style, no matter how much it changes I always find it aesthetically pleasing.

And people probably said the same thing to many a famous comic artist. It's not like Akira is perfect you know. What makes it great is the fact that ITS FRIGGIN AKIRA NO ONE CAN MESS WITH TEH GREATNESS!

And NO ONE is going to get away with messing with you. You have way too many people around you. I count for like, ten scary butch bodyguards. Gawd think about what people who actually see you all the time count for!

Allison said...

haha thank you so much, I will! For the most part he is open to different styles, and I admire and respect him much more than I do many people. It's just the fact that he knows what I CAN do, so that's what he expects me to do and gets confused when I don't. Hopefully I will show him another side that can be just as good. ^__^ Love ya! <3