Sunday, April 18, 2010

FT:Rebirth - Page 1 previews!

I'm terrible with keeping things to myself which is good news for you, and I just can't wait to show you some previews of FT:Rebirth,'s the first page's lines:

I meant it when I said backgrounds will be the main focus. ^___^

But yes, here is a preview of the first panel's color as it stands now with no text:

One of the biggest conundrums of every new comic is what font should it be in?? I'm having a hard time deciding, and I figure what better way than to get some opinions. :)

1. ShonenPunkv2:

2. MangaSpeak:
3. IndieKomiksSketch:
4. CartoonistSimple:
5. OnomatoShark!:
I like most of them, but the main thing I'm looking for is clarity and a certain type of organic quality. In all honesty, I don't know if I'm 100% satisfied with any of these, and I'm way too stupid to make my own font well. Most of these don't have options for bold and italic letters. Is there a font out there I should try out?

Thanks guys, I hope you will like it! ^__^


AJ said...

Personally I like the manga speak font. The letters have a similar thickness to the line art in your comic and I think they flow well together : ) I like the cartoonist simple one, too

Kim said...

Looks gorgeous. I LOVE the new style and I can't wait to see more.

I really like the first font the best. It fits the style that I think you're going for -- it just seems to fit best. But what do I know?

Allison said...

Thank you guys so much, love you!

I've gotten a lot of votes for 1.ShonenPunk and 4.CartoonistSimple that I've narrowed it down to...I think it's going to come down to how the whole page looks when finished at the final resolution with both.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the feedback~! :D <3 <3 <3

smush said...

This is so exciting to see you work on FT again!! My fave is the first font because I like how it feels. =) And the panels and coloring are looking great too. Lovin' the style and perspectives. I can't wait to see it up.

TMM said...

Argh, so hard. I'm pretty sure my eyes are most comfortable reading CartoonistSimple.