Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm new to drawing dogs, but they're easily becoming one of my favorite subjects. They're a huge challenge for me to get right, but that's what makes it so much fun. Dogs are beautiful and unique, and I just can't get enough of 'em!

I love my new sketchbook. It takes watercolor washes beautifully, and what better way to break in a new sketchbook than go to the local dog run and do some sketches? <3

Drawing them from life was proving to be difficult, so I took pictures and did most of these that way, still referencing the running guys all the while. These were the practice sketches I did for my Corgi comic. I had never seriously drawn a dog prior to this, save maybe once or so.

My dog books just came today, it's filled with so much information and beautiful pictures! I'm happy I purchased them. My favorite hobby is studying the different dog breeds, and now I have two great resources at my disposal to learn even more! <3

An oekaki I did just now over at Cimetery:

I love the Saluki, they're always so beautiful and elegant!

ah, how I want a dog so bad...oh well, that won't be for a few years! Until then, I'm content with studying them and learning much about these awesome animals. :D


AJ said...

that sketchbook seems so nice... and your doggie sketches are so pretty <3

dogs are quite addictive to draw, aren't they?

Kim said...

I love the last one; it's so gorgeous!

Immortal3000 said...

beautiful! simply beautiful!

Lou La Lo said...

Really beautiful work. I loooove the way you organized the dog sketches in the first picture. There's a lot of motion going on and it really matches the mood of a dog.