Monday, May 11, 2009

prep work

I would like to upload stuff here more often. I have tons of pages from my sketchbooks to scan in, I just haven't gotten to it yet.

I like to draw on regular printer paper a lot more now. gives more freedom to just do whatever without having to worry about people seeing it. usually comes out better if I have that mindset.

so here's some prep work of an Okami fanart illustration I'm working on. I start off with warm-up doodles of whatever (in this case cygnus, lyra, and an aussie shep puppy <3 ), then go on to little thumbs, bigger thumbs, gesture study, etc, etc...

lolz doggie butt. <3 I'm debating whether the final should have that or not. XDD

summertime means job hunting, but the market's so dry it's proving to be incredibly difficult for me. here's hoping I can at least make a buck this summer! ^__^;;

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