Sunday, May 3, 2009

Houndoom WIP

Finally done with my schoolwork, so I continued a picture I've wanted to do for SO long now!

here's a work-in-progress:

Houndoom, use Fire Fang!

still got a long way to go on it, but just thought I'd show the rough. wanted to do an actual painting...a charchoal + acrylic, but I think I'll save it for another time. :p

aaand here's another WIP:

pretty much finished with the main Houndoom, but for the BG I'm planning on making a whole pack of 'em among a rockface and grass, as if you encountered them in the wild. haha, I'd hate to be camping and bump into a pack of these guys. XD;;

hahaaaa....Dobermans = LOVE. they're so...sleek and badass. <3 I've really been on a dog kick lately. XD

wheeee here's the finish:

lalala....the deviation link is here:

this was fun to do. I'm glad I have time to do things I want to now! ^___^ <3

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Lou La Lo said...


This looks great and so FIERCE. That's the perfect word to describe it. The colors totally fit with the mood. I love how you were able to turn such a cute pokemon into something like this. <3