Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smelly Headshots

lalala...a new post already? hahaaaa yes. I just wanted to show my inking practice that I was doing yesterday:

Hah I didn't mean it, but they look like they just smelled something really bad! XD I colored them for fun, but actually I may just do a headshot like this for each character and use it as their profile page on the site:

Since I didn't want this post to look too barren, here's a preview from Page 4, probably my favorite panel composition-wise:

So as I'm drawing the pages I'm getting so intimidated by just HOW much reference I need to pull this comic off properly. Scary! Also, the characters I thought I didn't have to worry about finalizing their designs appear MUCH sooner than I thought, so I gotta get on that...but designing Ka'chkka's outfit is really challenging, I need to do more research for it. OH MAN I'm lucky that I actually LIKE doing research!!

Though I miss having such easy access to the NYC PictureLibrary...but I'm not gonna be able to get into the city this week to research, so I have to go on the internet for it?!? BLAH that's so counter-productive, it annoys me. I always end up doing time-wasting things like posting on my blog! lol I love going to that library and just being surrounded by so many bountiful images! It's like my crack. O__o;; ANYway, I'm gonna shut up and go get back to work...XD;;

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