Friday, May 28, 2010

More At'rik Peeps.

Haven't had time for much comic art lately, but I managed to scramble together some sketches for a post? XD;; Actually, there's a lot of redesigns for this post so yey~

The current Captain of Team Konaiya, Salayana Maneatro! (aka Yana) And her partner, Genáendi! (his name means 'Plata' in At'rik lol):

Anyway, as I was drawing Yana's partner I realized I hadn't even drawn her new design yet! haha I usually just picture everything in my mind so clearly I forget if I actually drew it sometimes. so here it is:

The lovely Will suggested I think of a relaxed design for Ka'ch as well and I agree, so I was trying to draw him with his neckpiece and his hair down but haha it looked better in my mind I guess, BLAH:

So I was doodling him with a headpiece and outfit type that I often came across on many pictures I was going through for reference, experimenting if it would look good with the other elements of his other outfit, and I think it does:

I inked it for fun, but as usual I had to end up doing something with it. This is probably going to be his first outfit he appears in I think since it looks more as if he just arrived at Konaiya after traveling a long distance. haha I like cartography, I should make up a map of Draxaiya and Limiak...AHH but that's another thing to come later lol:

Here's Vilvendi, or Vivi, Ka'chkka's Partner. (her name means 'Cheat' in At'rik lol) Another one I forgot I never drew because I knew pretty much exactly what she would look like:

So I put them together to practice more graphic-ey stuff, and I rather like it actually, but I hope I will get better eventually:

View the Deviation here!

Also test-driving that new logo you see there I made up for Rebirth...I like minimalism a lot, but it's so hard to pull off correctly! I greatly admire many graphic designers who have this ability because it is really not easy...I am trying to learn! I have a long way to go though. ^__^;;

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