Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy stuff + Designs

I've had a crazy few days, I tell you. Yesterday my Omi broke her OTHER femur (right after the other one had finally healed after 8 months), and now we have to go through the long recover process again I feel so bad for her, especially on Mother's Day! That was only one of the events...don't even want to go in to any others, it's as if my family just can never get a break!, not break. no, bad word. O___o;; (esp. since on the same day I also managed to slam my wrist in a door at work...swelled up, but it wasn't my drawing hand so I was's better now though, but still bruised...) oh dear! ^_^;;

Anyway, have a doodle of a frustrated Lyra:

Aaand finally a character sheet:

View The Deviation!
Regardless of these crazy events that are happening I am managing to get work done. I don't know what's going on in the next few days, but hopefully I can still keep to my schedule. >__>;;

but yes, Happy Mother's Day! Hopefully yours isn't in a hospital, 'cause now both of mine are!'s kind of funny, actually. ya just gotta laugh at these things when they get this ridiculous. I think my freak-out tolerance is a bit too high nowadays. ^__^;;

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Louisa said...

Oh no! I hope your Omi feels better soon, that's really terrible to hear. . . =(

I LOVE the pic with crouching Lyra, the yellow lighting is really dramatic. I also like how the character designs came out too. It makes me more excited for your FT project.