Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lots of stuff?

Sooo I just finished the 'thumbnails' but it's more like my method of script writing since towards the end of a session the pages start looking like small boxes with numbered bubbles...but yep, I may be ahead of schedule but that doesn't mean I can slack off! :p

I kinda forgot if I posted these or not?? I don't think I did. I have so many sketches on my computer right now! Anyway, have some sketches and stuff! First off, a really bad oekaki that I don't know why I'm posting lol:

Second, a really bad sketch that isn't really Lyra's correct profile or height at ALL that I don't know why I'm posting again but here it is:

Third, an oekaki from today's warm-ups, it's what I feel very strongly about! it's caption is "In that moment she realized that life is beautiful, but it was too late. Never forget the beauty all around you!" all oekaki I do is done on Skylands:

When did I do this?? I can't even remember but now I'm up to the Blackthorn Gym and everyone except Togetic's fully evolved, but I'm so scared to fight Claire, my team is still not strong enough I think:
Speaking of my Pokémon obsession, OMG GEN 5. OMG. EXCIIIIITED. Helloooo fully animated sprites? HELLZ YEAH. Sad that the 'following pokémon' feture isn't in it though, that was such an enjoyable element of HGSS!!! okay I'm not done geeking out but I'll spare you:

THEY ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY THUGGG HAHA I love it. The Deviation is here if you're into that kinda stuff! lol

Speaking of obsessions, do you remember the sketch of my Okami fanart I've been meaning to do since FOREVER?!? haha I don't expect you to, but lookie I did something with it! This is only still in the very rough stages but I'm so excited because I think this is the only time one of my drawings looked almost exactly like I wanted it to!!! I am excited to make it even more how I pictured this illustration to be:

More and more as the days of Summer are getting harder and harder with all that is going on in my family life I am realizing how much this image represents the struggles we go through. Run headfirst into the gloom and a trail of beauty will follow you, you have to stay positive and be assured that everything will be all right in the end. It is hard to keep this in mind, but I am trying my best, because this world is such a beautiful place to be in, I don't want to waste a second of it!

Oh, and my boyfriend graduated on friday and my brother graduated today! I feel so little. haha Congrats, guys! :D

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