Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sketch Concepts, more developments

I'm on Spring Break right now! Not that it's much of a break since I have to try and finish my Thesis...but yeah. I wanna do stuff. Too much stuff than I have time for! >__<;;

Not some of my best sketches this post, but these were done a while ago to help me figure out designs and such. The only reason why I hesitated so long was 'cause I was deciding whether or not to keep some of the more spoiler-ish sketches in, but I just removed the text on them so it should be fine.

Zila and Lyra:

Cygnus and Lyra, a looot of spoiler text had to be removed lol:

Bizo/Kauz, again some spoiler-ish stuff was removed:

Deneb is getting a stockier build, I want to vary the body types more which means I have to do a lot more practice:

Drawn as a warm-up this morning, figuring out that I just wanted to draw Hiu's dreds loose since it's crazy fun to draw, and kinda finally deciding on a hair type for Bizo maybe:

I wanted to figure out a way to make Bizo look more At'rik and decided his design may benefit from having some shocks of silver patches in his hair along with making his skin hue more lavender-colored than it already was, probably more so than here I dunno:

Oh snap manly Hiu is manly?? lol kinda?? XD;; I need to study how I can draw his facial features better. :p

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