Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Twins and a Traveller

oh man, so many posts lately. I must be on a school break!

After Thesis there's a short project I'll be working on and it involves a younger Lyra and Deneb. This is me warming up today, trying to figure out how old I want them to be. Still don't know if this is too young or not, but aren't they the cutest little twins?

I didn't like how a picture I was working on a while back was coming out, so I wanted to see how I could save it. here are some thumbs I apparently did during my Irish Lit class where I was counting how many times my teacher said 'um' which ended up to be around 210 times, hence the doodling LOL:

And this is the changed image, do you recognize it? lol:

I still have a long ways to go, I don't know if I'm happy with the composition yet. but I do know that painting rock is extremely difficult...aahh! XD;;


niK said...

Is this for Donato's class? I love the light on his back.

Allison said...

haha, thank you! nah, this is just something I've been poking around with when I get a chance to. I want to try and do better things on my own. :p <3

niK said...

it's really amazing, I can't wait to see it finished :)