Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emperor Ka'chkka

I haven't drawn him in a while, but as I was plotting the outline and realizing the larger role the At'rik would play in Rebirth I redid his design along with many others, but I figure I'll show you his for now. I still don't know if I'm entirely happy with how human the At'rik look, or if I should give Bizo an even bigger makeover to match them more, but hopefully Ka'chkka looks alien enough.

haha drew these on the train on my commute home. making him this much of a 'pretty boy' is still hesitating for me, but it may work better for the overall story so I guess it's fine? gotta have a little fun with the characters lol

Also, you get a little snippet of a small part from the story of Rebirth, which really hasn't changed much from the original FT in regards to this aspect of him. Although, this time he's a bit more of a playboy, haha!

Also, these are in pretty much full color. The At'rik have purplish skin, silver hair, black eyes, and are born with dark markings covering their body. The black eyes are new...I think it suits them better as being a more untrustworthy people.

Uhh...I just wanted to draw a full body to figure out his markings, but it turned into something risque, haha! I really didn't intend on it, but it seems the more I draw him, the more he is demanding to have this attitude about him...again, this works better than the original's sweet little meek Emperor to someone who will abuse his power and allies when necessary. :p

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