Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome Home, Behemoth. <3

First off, I did this painting. It's probably finished...could do more, but I think I've done enough. It's my last piece with Donato Giancola...I'm REALLY going to miss this class and I know there's SO much more I could learn from him. so much so that I'm thinking of retaking it or sitting in next year. lol

I would like to welcome into the world of my desk, my wonderful Behemoth.

Behemoth is the new 27'' iMac, and I have no idea how I convinced my family to get him for me for Christmas. (granted, I'm chipping in nearly half but it's worth it!) I am constantly overwhelmed by his sheer power. As the comparison picture shows, my PowerBookG4 doesn't stand a chance in comparison. This will take some time getting used to, it's such a huge difference for me! lol XD

Edit: umm...I don't know what's up with blogger but it's not letting me click on the pictures to open larger in a new tab? Their help wasn't very clear about it...what's going on?!? ugh.

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