Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and stuff!

Just...umm...I forgot what I was gonna post? OH Merry Christmas!! :D yaaay eat stuff and get lots of nice family time. ^___^

umm...well here's a WIP of something I'm working on:

Okay so this is part one of a triptych that I plan on doing this break in addition to nearly finishing my times! XDD but yeah, it is, I enjoy having time to do artwork for myself now. YAY! :D

Also, can someone PLEASE tell me how to get Blogger to open the image larger in a new tab like it used to?!? I have NO idea what the problem is, it seems to work fine for everyone else! AUGH. PLEASE HELP this is an annoyance...XD

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TMM said...

Urgh, I suppose it has something do with that update earlier this month. I don't even remember what they changed...I wish I knew why the full view option isn't there. I'd love to see the WIPs you've been working on up close.
I'll try asking around... :/

ANYhoo, totally jealous of your Behemoth. There's several almost-as-big-Macs in one of the libraries I frequent. O: