Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amazing new source of inspiration!

Started another pic...was just a random no-ref doodle (the painted part) and then...I went a bit far and decided to work it as the last image of the triptych I'm working on.

Referenced mainly from this woodblock by Eishi Choki, The Courtesan Takigawa of Ohgi-ya.

OMG did I mention how much I love my boyfriend? He got me the PERFECT textbook-sized collection of Japanese woodblocks for Christmas, many of which I've never seen and it's exciting as all hell! For example, I couldn't find an image of this anywhere on the web...hence the silly photobooth snapshot lol. oh man I'm such a nerd but seriously, it's AMAZING. much love!! I stare at this book for forever...it would be sad if it wasn't in benefit of my career lolz. (probably still is though.) XD;;

Speaking of awesome-tastic-gasmic Christmas presents, here's a snapshot of my current desktop from my new baby, Behemoth. :D

LOL YAY I missed working on a million things at once...ya know, that isn't all entirely school-related, but FT-related. YAY! :D

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