Saturday, January 17, 2009

RIP Wyeth, Comic preps

RIP Andrew Wyeth, your watercolors will always be my greatest inspiration.

I am currently working on a 21-page comic for one of the classes I switched into. I pretty much just finished the basic prep work, and am finally ready to pencil. Here are some of what I do to practice getting to know my new characters.

The 25 Essential Expressions:

I now cannot do a long comic without first doing this exercise. I have so many problems with consistency, it is extremely helpful to do.

Clothing designs:

Since I am pressed for time with this assignment, I just did the base figures for Lucy and Julian, and I photocopied them and drew on top of the photocopies. Perfection doesn't really matter as long as I know what the jiist of it all is. lol

First longish Watercolor pose of the year, the only colors used were red and green:

This model kinda looked like a white Obama from behind. rofl XD <3


Kim said...

Omgosh, Julian is hot! And I love the outfits. (There's def my favorite part right now.) Lucy's hair amuses me; I love it! Nice work so far; I'm really glad you've uploaded this stuff. I appreciate it so much! Keep up the great work.

Allison said...

rofl yay, I'm glad you like 'em!

yeah I changed the setting to a cold nuclear winter sort of scenario, 'cause I thought it'd be easier to show and be a bit more interesting. hence the fluffy coats. :D

I wanted to make Julian a typical nice guy, nothing too flashy, and yeah he just turned out hot. go figure! lol :D <3

Lucy was so hard to design...I wanted her to have kind of a dichotomy of looks: can be either sweet or fierce. she went through a lot before the final look. lol

I just finished the first page last night and, I must say, it's by far the best work I've ever done. I'm gonna post the pencils here when I have more to show. :D

Love ya! <3

(btw, did I do the reply thing right? did you get this? gah I dunnoooooo) XD;;