Sunday, January 25, 2009

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more comic goodness. I actually finished pencilling the 6 pages earlier than expected. I'm especially proud of the fact that I did this work that took the class months to do in only two weeks for me. booya. now after I ink these and pencil 3 more pages for next week I'll finally be caught up! :D

I'm pretty nervous about what my new teacher will say about them, since I have no idea what's coming to me. Klaus Janson is a real tough cookie, but I hope he sees all the hard work I put into this. *crosses fingers*

anyway, here's page 5 'cause I kinda like it, despite all the difficulties I had with it. it's pretty much the first intro of the two main characters, and I dunno...I like how that stupid hovercraft I complained about sooo much came out all right. I actually kinda enjoyed drawing it! lol XDD;; <3

lol darn them silly hallucinations! haha oh man I <3 mountains and nature. They're my favorite things to draw by far. :D <3 I doodle a lot on the margins of my paper when I do comics, and I decided to use this one of Julian as inking practice to see how the comic will look when inked. I'm still trying to figure out how to ink dark skin. I wanted Julian to look like he was Arabic...I'll ask Klaus tomorrow, I guess.

because I am very excited about the new awesome Senellier watercolors I bought, I was eager to watercolor whatever I had on me. I printed this out on watercolor paper, and played around a bit with 'em.

The print sucked and it scanned horribly, but in real life the colors are SO vibrant and pretty. they're a bit harder to control, but I'll get used to them with a bit more practice. :D <3

OH and do you guys get my replies?? how do I reply to comments??? I've tried to just comment regularly as my responses but I don't know if you get notified of it or not. GAH stupid blogger. XD;

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drak said...

hey great works!!! n u have a cool blog,,,,,,i come back later to see more good stuffs,,,,chau