Monday, January 19, 2009

comic previews

baaah I've been working a lot lately. But I think it will be worth it. Here are some previews that I've been promising.

My desk in the heat of comic making looks like something out of the movie "Twister" lol:

references make the world go 'round! :D

So yeah here's some scans of it so far...the paper's big and my scanner's small and I didn't feel like scanning anymore, so this is all I'm showing. XD;;

some panels I'm quite proud of, but some I need to redo...blaaah.

not everyone's happy about me working all the time...

Jazz is not amused. XD;; <3


Kim said...

Ahh! I'm getting chills right now from excitement. After a long day of stressful rehearsing, this is just what I needed!

I love how you arranged it with the text and creative! I love the first panel of the second page. :) And other ones, but that's my fav. Keep up the amazing work!

Allison said...

haha I'm glad you're liking it! yesh, I'm having quite a bit of fun with it. :D <3

wolfwing said...

wow alison your work is really incredible, can't wait to see more!!