Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mesut Özil, preview

Ahh been so preoccupied with obsessing over the World Cup that I haven't been working much, but I did do this tribute to my favorite player, Mesut Özil on my favorite team, Germany! It saddens me that they came in 3rd, but the team is new and young so they will surely be unstoppable in the next one! :)

The Deviation is over HERE.

Here were some horrid sketches I did of him before:

Do you know Prince of Tennis? He reminds me of a real-life Kaidoh LOL:

Oh man I used to be OBSESSED with PoT. ahh memories.

I'll end it with a freshly colored panel from Page 9:

I am actually 'flatting' the newer pages and I am hoping it will result in cleaner colors, because I always struggle with that. ^___^;; I haven't colored this way in ages though! lol

Edit: OH I FORGOT there's a new page, page 2! hahaaaaa FT will update every Tuesday. ^__^

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