Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Previews, Concepts

Before I forget, I did a major update to my portfolio website! haha maybe now I won't be so embarrassed to show it to people. XD;; Also, there is a never-before-scene page from FT:Rebirth in there. It actually happens to be the one I previewed from my last post. ^___^

This post actually has some concept sketch stuff in it for once! Because hey, FT continues past the first chapters/volume and I need to start fleshing out the rest of the chapters a bit more. XD;;

So I'll go from most recent to future events in the story! Okay THIS I just finished yesterday after working on it...well, all summer really. Normally I'd like, just post one panel as a preview, but goddamnit I worked way too hard on this page's lineart to do that. So here it is:

again, I really don't know how I was not ON something when I decided to incorporate these patterns like this. *I'll just keep saying it will pay off...* O___O;; It's not that it's hard, just pretty time-consuming. :p

Here's me trying to draw Lyra's next hairstyle and kinda failing? It turned out that someone at work wore their hair like this for pretty much a whole few weeks so it helped me a lot! what a happy coincidence! lol

Also at work there's someone who has a very interesting facial/body structure and I LOVE it, I think he's greek/italian? not sure. Even though Bizo is German, I thought it would work wonders with his design and I think I finally am happy with how he looks now: (also there is life stuff from a Scottish piper band my best friend's a part of) ^__^

Okay so I was afraid to show Sakai's redesign because he kinda has a cult following? But I really felt unhappy with how he looked before, and I think it was necessary. I hope you will like his new look though? Please don't kill me. I love you all! ^___^;;;

I haven't been sleeping, and usually I end up drawing Zila when I can't sleep. Apparently I can draw better at 4:30am than normal! I'm still unsure when she will show up in this form, but it is pretty fun to draw. I may finish this as an illustration at some point:

so THIS is a major spoiler, but I won't say how or anything 'cause...ya know. But yeah I really wanted to draw an Alphonse Mucha inspired piece so this is the next illustration I'm working on and I know it will probably take forever to complete. But my main drawing pencil got taken? at work so I'm waiting on the new one I ordered to come in before I can line it...blah.

aaaand that's about it! Sorry I haven't been posting or active much lately, but it is just because I am working on bigger pieces. I hope to get back to drawing a lot next week, so expect some illustrations to be popping up on dA and such~! ^__^

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Kim said...

Zila is so cool in her human form. I can't wait for her to show up. :)