Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FT:Rebirth.com and more Previews!!

I've been working on a lot of stuff, and I got so caught up I forgot to post a blog about it! Or rather, I forgot that I haven't posted about it yet? ^___^;;;

FT:REBIRTH.com IS OFFICIALLY UP AND RUNNING!! And I have been posting my Thesis comic, FAMILY, that is updating EVERY DAY until July 6th, which is the official beginning of FT:Rebirth!!! :D

Here's another preview of an upcoming panel, captioned OM NOM NOM:

Because I thought rendering the water/marsh currents like tribal patterns would be smart, this panel alone took about 3 hours to do...though I guess it doesn't look like it. XD;; One of the many reasons why these pages are taking me so long to ink...but I think it will pay off.

Also got really inspired by this manga Otoyomegatari that has absolutely stunning examples of pattern usage on every page. The story is...well, I kinda like it 'cause I love anything with history about it, but I guess it's not for everyone...but OMG the art is breathtaking, every page is just amazing. I've been using it as reference for the inner circle of Konaiya and currently have many pages of it strewn about my desk lol most notably like these:

Beautiful, huh? I am trying to use more patterns like this...it is very hard though, and is taking forever. Hopefully it will pay off though! It's no where near as beautiful as this manga, but here is a panel from a page in a Konaiya scene:

I guess you can say this picture I did of Lyra dressed in a more commoner appearance was inspired by it too, but actually I did this image before I found out about that manga. You can check out the Deviation here if you'd like. But yeah, was just a sketch that was taken a bit too far. I guess you can say I've taken a liking to more Arabic designs lately:

Speaking of Konaiya, I had been working out a map for the FT world for quite some time now. It is very challenging, but I think I came up with a sketch I'm finally satisfied with enough to move on to the fun part of actually making the map:

I LOVE cartography I don't know why but it's very calming to do...well, once you know where you're headed. Geography is very important to the story, so for a while making this map was one of my top priorities. I've also been watching Avatar:TLA NONSTOP (It's the only thing I can watch and pencil to at the same time simply because of the amount of times I've seen the episodes lol) so yeah that's making a big impact on how I think about the overall storytelling and world. :)

And the Konaiyan lands are made to resemble my cat's markings because I am a dork and I love my cat. XD;;

Anyway, I'm gonna go get back to work. Don't forget to bookmark FTREBIRTH.COM!! :D

OH RIGHT and the blog has gotten a facelift too. ^__^;;

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