Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long time no see

H-Hey everyone, long time no post! I'm really sorry about that, my life has been so crazy lately!!

I have big news as to why exactly I have been so absent. You see, during NYComic-Con a few weeks back I got hired as a colorist for :01 (First Second Publishing)!!! Yep, so that happened and then I died.

Or rather, I am working 3 jobs and am a full-time student, in addition to the activities I do around the school like the club and magazine I run. So yep, I am very busy indeed!! It's a good busy though, I've never felt so alive! I am having fun, and this new job is very rewarding if not challenging. My boss is the nicest person ever and she has a Scottish accent that is ADORABLE. XD

Anyway, on to some art! 'cause that's what I do, right??

This is an assignment for Nick Bertozzi's Storytelling class, it's about how my Omi&Opi met! Not the clearest or best thing in the world but I did it very quickly sooo:

Something I doodled forever-and-a-half ago that will probably never go anywhere further:

Here's a PANEL from the next page of FT:Rebirth that I swear I will upload soon, I'm almost done blocking it out, anyway. Haha my boyfriend thought this was a double-spread...nope! That's just how crazy each panel is becoming because I am going mad:

Every now and then I'll oekaki at Skylands to let off some stress. Here's one of Cyg and Ly:

And one of Hiu I did recently:

I have a bajillion things to upload but they all require some intense scanning time so...we'll see when I get a chance to do that!! I need to, like, hire an intern or something. HAHA yeah right.

Back to coloring! fff I still can't believe I got a professional job while I'm still in school. It's just insane, I'm so thankful and blessed!! :)

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Webbz said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! Aaaah I told you you'd do it!!! And long time no see from me too! *glomp*

OH btw I might be WORKING Otakon this summer!