Friday, June 18, 2010

Sketches of Jiiya users

I have been working on Rebirth so I haven't been drawing much, but here are some sketches I've done at least!

A super-quick sketch of Lyra and Yana's costume in their first scene just so I had a basic idea:

A more refined sketch I did later after drawing them a bit in the comic:

Some more sketches. Yana is a Wind Jiiya (what an elemental user is called), but she uses a more physical approach to the element than most:

I had to sit through a 5-hr class so I can take my driving test (yes I still don't have my license, I HATE cars but my brother was holding CS5 hostage until I went through it lol) and someone lent me their paper and saved my life 'cause I don't know how I would have survived that otherwise! I wanted to focus on how the elements are handled by different users:

I wanted to do some inking practice so I lightboxed that doodle of Cygnus using the Earth element. You can see how different my sketches are from my inks here! haha I usually hate showing my pencils of anything 'cause they're so bad and rough! I much prefer to draw with ink and see direct results. I will probably turn it into a more finished illust later:

I am having fun inking the pages but it is taking longer than I'd like because I am working more now. Earning money is my top priority now though! :(

Also, Creative Suite 5 came FINALLY! The new PS brushes work excellent, they feel so natural. I am having so much fun using them! :D

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