Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ink Tests and More~

Usually when I'm working I have a blank paper next to me that gets filled up with doodles and ink tests or thumbnails to prepare myself for drawing a page. These are mainly done in straight ink, so like...forgive the bad anatomy? lol ^__^;;

This is the latest one I filled up, which shows some process of developing Zila and the new look of Cygnus and Bizo. I've always grappled with giving Zi wings, but...I mean, I think it's better to make her more feline-ish in how she moves, as if she is running among the clouds! :D

Most all were done with my brush pen as doodles, but the larger cleaner Cygnus is when his design was pretty clear and I was testing how I may ink with my brush for the actual comic. Making his hair darker was a fluke from the bottom doodle that I liked enough to decide to make it permanent. yay for happy mistakes! :D lol

Cruddy doodle of Lyra XD;; not final design, the colors n hair aren't doin' it for me yet.

Some doodles of Zi's new human form, Deneb, and Lyra's second battle outfit hidden under all that kimono. lolz Deneb has sideburns now. and now his freckles show more. It makes me happy. :D

Aahaha oh man I was looking at Becky Cloonan's art after I drew Deneb, and I couldn't believe how much influence I had gotten from her work. Can't wait to take her class my senior year! :D thesis? I'm working on it, I swear!! >___>;;


TMM said...

BECKY CLOONAN?! Are you mad?! I'm BEYOND JEALOUS! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! <333
(totally disregards rest of entry in the process)

Allison said...

LOL yes, she is very nice. I look forward to working with her. :D

my school's faculty is the main reason people go...we have so many good professors, it's very rewarding! :D