Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FT: Rebirth : Big Previews!

AHAHAHA I got hit with the FT bug, and now I can't stop. I'm just so excited! Luckily it is a type of productive procrastination, and now I'm pretty sure of how the storyline has changed and how it's gonna work, start, etc. Unlucklily, I still have no new pages of my thesis finished...umm...but I have been working on it...O__o;; uhh...


Cygnus with Aurora, and Bizo (Kauz) with Tiffy. No more Ember, unfortunately. (trivia: she was created to die anyway!) ^__^;; Size of partners relates to a show of power more. Aurora is still not in her full size most of the time, as Cyg is laying low.

Cygnus and Aurora, with Lyra and Zila. Zila will be in her animal form much more, and in her human form acts as Lyra's attendant more than before.

Cygnus and Bizo, who actually start off the story. (Bizo will be disguised as Kauz with his black wig.) Cyg's design is a lot more 'rough' in appearance, 'arabian-ish,' darker, and Bizo has wavy hair with his purple-hued skin being more noticeable than before, as he is mostly At'rik. For some reason they have snarky expressions here...umm I dunno why, I was just doodling. >__>;

This version has A LOT more action in it, and I think it has benefited greatly. There is a lot more going on, while being simpler...if that makes sense. XD;; It's also a more 'simplistic' style, as more attention will be paid on backgrounds, atmosphere, culture...and oh yeah, it's gonna be in COLOR. :D

Anyway that's it for now, I need to get back to work on Thesis pages....>___>;;


Kim said...

omgosh YAY YAY YAY YAY!!

I love the new designs; they are so much cleaner and...I LOVE THEM! Beautiful. I cannot WAIT to see more. You don't know how happy this makes me!

Also, you think of making a career out of this (see below). LOL


Allison said...

yay, I'm really glad they're starting to look more polished! haha yes I'm extremely excited about it! :D

HAHA that's awesome. I have to perfect a method of how to make them last though, which is why I don't wear mine...tricky stuff! lol :p <3