Tuesday, October 13, 2009

www.allisonstrejlau.com and like...other stuff.

hmm...so within a month's time my older brother has not only purchased an awesome Prius, but has moved out of our house with his awesome girlfriend. Needless to say, I jumped the gun with claiming his room as my new studio. Also, my Omi is home and is recovering just great! :D

So my new Lukas Oils came today and this is the most logical thing that occurred for me to do with them after I opened the 20lb box. It makes me so happy. 23 tubes of 200ml oil paints at a great deal. I will never have to buy oils ever again! XD

hey, it's a lot better than the mish-mosh that is still my 21 bottles of 250ml Lukas Acrylics I bought a few months ago. Again, at an awesome price. I love them but they always look so sad. It's because they just got a bunch of new older stepbrothers who are much more experienced then they and like to pick on them for being so quick to pansy up and dry. :(

umm...so here's a technique sample swatch of an illustration I did for Donato's sci-fi class last week. I'll scan in the actual one when like...all the large-format scanners in my school are not being used until eternity.

This is a reference I took of my Opi I'm using for Donato's next illustration. I rather love this photo.

I started a new sketchbook. It will be an odd sketchbook.

OH did I mention my portfolio website is up?? www.allisonstrejlau.com is now a fact! Gotta find time to put more works up, but hey at least it exists now. :D


TMM said...

LOL Personified art materials FTW

Ahww, your sketchbook is ridiculously awesome. I love all the accurate-looking marine life. Makes my female-dominated sketchbook look limitted, heh.
And odd sketchbooks are the most entertaining to flip through. :>

Allison said...

hellz yeah. lol thank youuu~<3 :D