Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gallery, Shoes, and Sketchz.

A recent sketch I did, just to start off this post. Deviation is Here.
AH School has started, and so that means I am probably gonna disappear off the face of the internetz for a while.

...or not? I have started a blog for our cartooning club, which can be found at I will be updating there regularly with news and interesting things. ^__^

but anyway, on to my own blog business...

My gallery show was this week, the opening was last Friday. Now if you've read my previous post you'll know the trauma that took place so I'll skip that, but yeah here are just some pics from it.

I got a nice spot right in the beginning:

ew, a horrid picture, but we were still shaken from what happened to omi, so I had to put on my best face:
The Finished Paintings. The Deviation is Here. :D
some cool paintings from the show:
The hospital you KNOW a maintenance guy did this on purpose. regardless, it brightened our moods a bit.
My Pokémon High Heels! Deviation is here but also this:
My Princess Mononoke Vans! Unfortunately, they gave me blisters...ugh. The Deviation is Here!
Work was slow last night, so I doodled on a receipt paper. I don't know what to do for my latest assignment...:/
And lastly, this is how amazing my boyfriend is and I wanted to share it:
It was as delicious as it looks! :D <3

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TMM said...

Ohmy. Ah, well, looks like a fantastic 'last' post for a while if things are starting to get hectic for you. Your paintings came out wonderfully and you got such luck for getting a sweet spot for displaying them (mz redundant, hurrr)
And the hospital sign! how amusing (super, now I have the song Ben Hur stuck in my head after this). xD!
Ofcourse, I'm totally jealous of your shoes. My decorated vans are starting to fall apart and aren't a treat to my feet anymore. No instep support and all that.

To be honest the first image totally caught my eye in Google reader; only after reading your eventful post I felt compelled to leave such a verbose comment.
Oh! Hope she feels better. :/