Friday, August 21, 2009

Sketches, WiPs, & Jazz

Got quite a few things to show today so I'll cut the chit-chat short and just post the pics. :D

Couldn't sleep again after closing at work, so a 4am doodle of a BGal Lyra? O__o

Some concept sketches for my thesis I did while at a party for work...'cause I didn't want to dance. lol Oh, and Lyra snuck her way in there too. ^__^

I think I'm taking a liking to the story of Marsyas. I can turn him into a jazz sax player which will be good for my musical side, an added plus is I own a sax for reference. I miss performing. :(

Wanted to practice photography, and who better a target than my lovely Jazz? I wanted to show a play on Light/Dark:

OH MAN my new Acrylic paints just came in!!! *excited* More on that later, I'm gonna go play with my new toys now! :D

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karu said...

the kitty looks so good in the dark picture. love it!