Monday, August 17, 2009

Captain: Lineart

So...this is probably the last thing I should be doing right now, but I was really starting to go crazy without hand inking something in so long, so I kinda had to? O___o;;

Also, I was itching to test out my media idea for my thesis. I want to do my pages on HardPress Watercolor paper instead of bristol, so I could watercolor the pages nicely. However, I have no idea how this technique would work and how the ink would flow on it. So I drew up Lyra real quick, which turned out to be a longer drawing, and inked it with my beloved W&N 2 kolinsky brush. I love that thing, and it was so nice to ink with it again. Damn I'm such an art supply geek. XD;;

Consequently, I also wanted to draw a sexy woman. hey, it's fun, but I always seem to have a hard time with it lol. :D Soo here's the somewhat sexy Captain Lyra:

Now to test how my Sennelier Watercolors will look on it! I've never really watercolored on HP paper yet so it should be a fun experiment. The biggest thing I'm worried about is weather or not the ink will's crossing my fingers! >___<;; If not, then at least I can save this particular image and just digital color it. :p

I have some sketches to show to...that I forgot to scan and now don't feel like it...haha, what else is new. XD;;

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Kim said...

Um, wow.

I love Lyra. This is gorgeous - the best picture of her yet.