Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I need to start posting stuff on here more...^^; After school's done with I'll probably have more time for it, I've just been so swamped.

Anyway, here's a project from my inking class using 4 different methods of shading: Zippitone, coquille board, scratchboard, and duo-shade. it's not really done yet I dun think, but when it is I'll post it on dA or something. I dunno.

Trivia: this is the only school project I've done that features my FT characters. :p


Kim said...

THAT IS SO COOL!! I love the fact that it's four panels but there's one person with one emotion through them all....ahhhh! It's so creative! I'm really geeking out about it!

And those characters just can't go away, can they? haha

Allison said...

LOL thanks so much, it was pretty hard to figure out how to do it! XD

I actually didn't follow the rules on this assignment, or rather read the rules wrong. originally he just wanted a single image, but this is what I thought it was supposed to be! The teacher was like, "why would you do that to yourself?" LOL XD;;;