Sunday, April 19, 2009

Corgi Comic B&W

My professor said I didn't know perspective and I got mad at him, so I did this on my own incentive to show him I damn well could.

I want a Corgi soooo bad!!! <3

For only two days' work, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Actually, I think it's my favorite comic I've ever done! :D I'm gonna put some sepia tones on it and upload it to dA. ^__^

Prints will be available at cons. <3



cap10.1313 said...

This is a great comic! You have captured the silly joyful Corgi so well. I wish I could draw dogs. I have so many ideas for comics but unfortunately no drawing talent. Keep up the good work.

CorgiTales said...

Hi Allison: I came across your adorable comic "When Corgis Attack" through deviantART. I absolutely love it!

I have a corgi blog called CorgiTales. May I do a feature on your art and this piece?

~Cristina @

Allison said...

Of course, I would love that very much! I always enjoy seeing how corgi owners react to my comic, it makes me happy. I would be honored for you to feature my artwork!

- Allison Strejlau

CorgiTales said...

Hi Allison - I hadn't realized you answered my apologies to just have realized! I've posted this adorable piece about the Corgi. Please come take a look when you have a chance ( =)

Did you get your Corgi yet?

~Cristina @