Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Varick Edel: Malen Vier

Oh my god, I am dying in a mountain of work right now and I seriously need to de-stress a bit, so I felt that posting something pretty exciting would help.

well anyway, I'm excited for it! It's a 5 page short story that takes place in the FT:Rebirth universe, but it doesn't have anything to do with the main plot. Everything right now is up in the air until my teacher approves of it, but I really like the direction it's going in and I have faith that I can make it into something pretty cool.

Also I kind of really want to write it in German. haha I know the teach won't like THAT very much. XDD

Here are my first brainstorming ideas/sketches for it:

It took about 1-2 hours of brainstorming on the phone with my boyfriend before things finally 'clicked' like they should.

Malen Vier is a lot more light-hearted and different from anything I've done before. The story is simple and sort of classic, but done in a way that focuses more on the environment and characters. I want to get better with body language and pacing. (hence the hopefully German text)

Here's some sketches of Varick Edel, a somewhat disgruntled Evaiyan Prince, but really, he's just a normal bored preteen.

Here's his poor tutor, The Frau. It's a throwback to the nickname we gave our crazy little German teacher we had for 6 years, although, I'm pretty sure it's correctly Der Frau if male and Die Frau if female, but properly it should be Sie or Sind, really....but let's not get into that. Then again, she really didn't teach us very well. Unlike this strict Frau. XDD lol

By now I had been asked by quite a few vet FT readers if NB would be making a return in FT:Rebirth. My answer is...kinda? A non-elemental form of Nintalian Betela is what the kids here are playing, and on Evaiya it is called Malen Vier. I do not think NB, as the game as it was in old FT, will be as central an element as it was. I do know that I would like it to exist somewhere, probably with people playing it in the background or some minor story element at most. I still like the idea of a unique American sport comic, and I may do more with Malen Vier in the future.

ALSO EXCITING I have been working on an FT:WIKI. It is crazy-intensive and can tell you pretty much anything you'd ever want to know about the FT world. It will be a good reference if you ever want to read more about it or look something up. :) I am having fun writing everything down, and after I'm done I'm sure you'll be thanking me that I take GREAT pains to not include exposition in FT:Rebirth, if I can avoid it. XDD;; I'll try to debut it by next week. :)

Okay, have a good night everyone! I gotta get back to work! haha~!

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